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Argonne National Laboratory Public Software Mirror

Content is available using the HTTP (via Apache), FTP (via vsftpd), and RSYNC protocols.
Content is refreshed at the times shown in parenthesis. Our timezone is US Central, or GMT -6.

Operating Systems

Kernel.org (/pub/linux)(5,18) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/linux/
Kernel.org (/pub/software)(5,18) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/software/

Linux Distributions

CentOS(0,6,12,18) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/centos/
Debian - Complete(0) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/debian/
Debian - CDs/ISOs/jigdo/seeds(1) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/debian-cd/
Fedora(1,7,13,20) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/fedora/
Gentoo(0,4,8,12,16,20) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/gentoo/
Mandrake - ISOs(5,18) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/mandrake/
openSUSE(5,18) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/opensuse/
Scientific Linux(5,18) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/scientific-linux/
SiCortex - STATIC: upstream offline.(5) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/sicortex/
SuSE(5,18) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/suse/
Ubuntu(3,7,9,11) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/ubuntu/
Ubuntu - CD and DVD ISOs(3,7,9,11) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/ubuntu-iso/


Apache(5) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/apache/
Cygwin(5,18) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/cygwin/
GNU FTP Archive(5,18) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/gnu/
Hiren's BootCD(0,4,8,12,16,20) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/hirens-bootcd/
Mozilla(5,18) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/mozilla.org/
MySQL(5,18) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/mysql/
OpenOffice.org (/stable, /contrib)(5,18) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/openoffice.org/
PVFS - Parallel Virtual File System(5,18) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/pvfs/
PVFS2 - Parallel Virtual File System v2(5,18) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/pvfs2/
RepastSimphony(5,18) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/repastsimphony/
RepoForge (was RPMForge)(2,8,14,21) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/repoforge/
Samba(5) HTTP FTP rsync://mirror.anl.gov/samba/

About the Hardware

Our mirror is located at Argonne National Laboratory, which is in the burbs on the outskirts of Chicago, IL, US (view location on Google Maps).

Our configuration is:

Announcement Mailing List

Announcements such as outages, changes in hosted mirrors, new features, and changes in service level expectations will all be transmitted via this low volume list. If you are a user of this service, it is strongly recommended that you join this list. You may add and remove yourself at any time. Email addresses will be kept private.

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